The ideology of Qommodity is the establishment of Legacy. This legacy will be realized by restructuring current processes from a different perspective.

Through the unconventional approach and executions of Qommodity and their close partners we will realize the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind. In the transition process we establish, Qommodity will function as a movement that is supported by all stake holders involved. We have a clear and transparent focus on environmental, social and governance aspects.

Monetization of natural resources, adaptation of disruptive technologies supported by a cutting edge interoperable blockchain eco system and hybrid solutions between crypto and the traditional monetary infrastructures will be the guarantee for a never-seen-before development.

Join the movement of Qommodity. Be a Qommoditarian, for the sustainability of humanity and our mother earth.







We monetize the assets through the securitized QAAA Security Token which is compliant and in accordance with financial regulation and security laws.

No more Malware and Viruses

The ecosystem on which Qommodity is based on will not permit the execution of any malware or computer viruses.

Maximum Security

Because Qommodity will operate in the Sourceless Blockchain network, it will introduce security and transparency of operations by helping companies reduce prices and automate various operations.

Innovation Against Attacks and Fraud

Blockchain technology empowers decentralization through the support of individuals across a disseminated network.

Qommodity Security Token

QAAA is an asset backed Security Token with natural resources that exist in (African) countries. Through the methodology of tokenization of in ground resources we are able to realize the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind by making these untapped resources suitable for monetization within the monetary system.

  • Transparent and cutting-edge Technology
  • Creating wealth for the countries participating
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Decentralized open-source Technology
  • Transparency and Traceability
  • Security Management


One of the main focuses of Qommodity Resource Holdings is the monetization of untapped natural resources.

The monetization process is focused on the transition of wealth for the benefit of all stake holders involved. In this process the focus is to monetize the asset in order to give it a value within the monetary system and to be compliant with all rules and regulations of the financial authorities.

Through high-quality market standards like NI 43-101, in ground resources will be verified to secure their monetary value. In this process the wealth transition will be realized through the tokenization of the natural resources on the blockchain. Through this verification process the untapped and unavailable wealth will be made transparent, verified and utilized by converting it into an undisputed asset.

Gold is money. Everything else is credit.”
– J.P. Morgan


Preserved nature compensates the carbon emissions that is currently a major point of attention. The vast majority of land mass, including jungles, gives the possibility to create certificates that can be traded in the international markets. By certifying of our carbon offset capabilities, we create an additional source of wealth in a monetary value and a livable planet.

SourceLess Blockchain, the technology through which Qommodity will work, is the only blockchain technology on the market with completely carbon-free, environmentally friendly, fighting against climate change.

Through (micro) credit programs-and transfer of knowledge, education, local projects can be initiated, professionalism obtained, which will create jobs and a commercial model within the existing communities.



Tandem Liber Holdings and its predecessors have been exploring on ten licenses in a total surface area of 1605 sq. km before to relinquish seven of the eleven licenses retaining our four most promising areas.

Tandem Liber’s aim with this project is to start exploitation of two licenses (Gold and Coltan) and the exploration of all four licenses, bringing them to NI 43-101 standard. At the end of the project Tandem Liber will be one of the biggest and leading mining corporations in Sierra Leone with a significant market value.


Tandem Liber’s solid position in country as well as our approach on how to conduct business, considering the above but in the meantime also assisting the local communities to overcome these challenges has proven to be effective and generates a solid local support.

Tandem Liber is of the opinion that this approach is only adding positive aspects to the in- vestment climate and reduces the investment risks in areas in an economic and social stage like Sierra Leone.


Consumers are now looking for tokens with real substance for their digital investments. As a security token offering or “STO” offers a token with the promise of a return (by way of profits, assets or both) as opposed to the promise of utility.

Purchasers of such tokens are better protected from project failure or fraud. Our STO will be based on an audited smart contract generating the requisite tokens (QAAA).

By relying on blockchain technology, the Qommodity structure aims to eliminate several bureaucratic procedures and increase cost-efficiency as compared to general costs deriving from financial investments that focus on similar underlying assets.

Qommodity is the transparent and cutting-edge technology representing of all kind of natural resource assets. These resources reach from precious metals- and minerals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Coltan etc. to precious stones like Diamonds or Emeralds, fresh water deposits, agricultural assets and new technologies for green energy production.


1. We don’t want to destroy the earth or want to rip apart communities and villages because of our production activities to gain wealth.

2. We are creating wealth and transition that to the use of the people of underprivileged countries and communities.

3. We support social projects and stimulate self-sustainability for people to create their own possibilities to do their agriculture, stock breeding, forestry, creating jobs etc.

4. And on top of those all QAAA is creating carbon credits in order to compensate on greenhouse emissions.

In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we use the most regulated and transparent way to monetize these assets in existence today. We monetize the assets through the securitized QAAA Security Token which is compliant and in accordance with financial regulation and security laws.


“The last Company Valuation dates from December 2021 and for us it serves as a true baseline, the baseline established after 13 years of hard work, risk-full investments and hardship. But more importantly: a baseline, verified by a third-party auditor as being a Fair Value for the company.”

“I personally, as well as the whole executive team and the shareholders, are dedicated to make this project a success, not only for our own benefit but also for the benefit of a beautiful country called Sierra Leone that I hold dear.”